Taking it Slow

When playing Command and Conquer, Tiberium Wars, you are likely to come across and encounter various kinds of strategies. These strategies will range from terribly smart to terribly dumb. When you’re still starting out, of course, you will want to move gradually from the terribly dumb end of the spectrum to the terribly smart and almost impregnable defense strategies. Like anyone who plans to build a website but is still a newbie to it, it would be wise to accept the fact that you will probably make mistakes (a lot of them, actually), but sooner or later you are going to have to move to the end of the terribly smart, and get those website visitors to your brainchild.

But alright, since this is about Command and Conquer, here’s one strategy you might want to try. (Along the way, you just might surprise your friends and teammates with how good you’ve become.)


The strategy is called turtling.

Turtling (as opposed to rushing) is the art of beefing up your defense and focusing on yourself first. Where rushing would push you to force your enemies to react early on in the game, in turtling you’re busier with strengthening your own economic and tech levels.

It can be risky.tiberium wars

Just like rushing, this isn’t always going to work for you. If, in the event that you’re still in the process of building yourself up, but your enemy goes right on ahead and rushes you, then this will potentially hurt and destroy you, unless…

Work on your defenses.

Don’t just waste your time getting as rich as you can while turtling. Your turtling has to be directed towards the objective of making sure that your defenses are practically strong enough to withstand a possible rush, or strong enough to attack when the ‘right time’ comes.

Make it matter.

One key is to ensure that whatever attacks you do make, you make them matter. You make it hurt. And so, in strengthening your arsenal, do see to it that you do not make any careless moves that will just be wasted efforts. Get to know your enemy, and prepare yourself for a great game.