Some General Strategies

fistJust like when you build a website, you can’t expect to get into the game of Command and Conquer (or the website making industry, for that matter) without any prior knowledge whatsoever. Or, if you don’t have prior knowledge, at the very least you will need to have a plan. Otherwise, whatever grand vision it is that you have in mind (whether it’s about writing the best tech blog or winning every single Command and Conquer game that you are part of), if you don’t have a plan, this vision will only go up in smoke.

If in building websites you’re going to need some strategies to attract website visitors, in playing Command and Conquer there are several general strategies that you need to apply in order for you to gain more control over your own game. Here are some that you might want to try out for your next gaming session.

Knock down construction yards using the Firehawk’s stratofighter.

Get this: in order to destroy one construction yard, it will take only about 8 stratofighters, which also allows you to appear right next to the construction yard. The same principle applies to your enemy’s most significant structures: cranes, war factories, and tech buildings. If you take out all of these constructions, then the enemy is practically finished.

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Make use of your orcas for various strategic reasons.

Yes, you’ve got to believe it. Orcas make for an excellent accompanying unit for mammoths. So, what do you use these orcas for? Well, you basically use them for those enemies that mammoths would prefer not to engage, like hordes of beam tanks, for instance. You see, if the enemy sends five or six beam tanks, these can easily rip apart your small groups of mammoths, which is why it’s wise to send orcas ahead of them to help keep these mammoths alive.

For a more effective defense, use your mammoths well.

One last tip: when you do throw down a battle base, make sure you beef this up by surrounding it with mammoths. This way, should the mammoths ever take damage, you won’t need to worry because the battle base will repair them. Conversely, the mammoths will destroy anything that gets near them.