Games You Should Try with the CNC3 Feel

Gamers may get tired of playing the same game especially if you became too good at it. If you reach the god-like mode in the CNC3, don’t worry. There similar games you could play offering the same feel of CNC3 but with a slight change in the gameplay and rules. The controls are also the same, so you can bring your A game anytime.


The rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

You know the RTS games out there. But Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends outstands most of the games out there. It has the perfect spinoff the historic civilizations and enemies. The game also provides you with clean graphics and a storyline that will keep things interesting as you play. The game is quite mature in nature and perfect for gamers who would like to buy adult traffic. It also caters to fantasy lovers who like an element of surprise. We’re sure that this game won’t disappoint.

World in Conflict

cncWorld in conflict leans towards the realistic side of the war. It is a game about US conflict between the Soviet Union. The game focuses on unit management and deployment which is great for strategy players. World in Conflict will test your decision-making skills at every stage. Should you deploy reinforcements? Should you authorize air strikes? Is it time to call on paratroopers and carpet bombers? The outcome of the battle is in your hands and every decision you make.

The act of War: Direct Action

You’ll be needing your friends to be successful at this game. So get on the mass email google and gather your friends with their favorite console and play the game together. The game is based on Tom Clancy’s novel. It’s like playing a game and watching cinematic trailers at the same time. It discusses global terrorism, so you’ll encounter heavy killing machines like the RPG, missiles, and fighting planes. Your resources will be limited, so you’ll have to use them at the right time. This game would surely increase your adrenaline speed in no time.