Command and Conquer Skirmishes

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If you haven’t tried playing with an AI one to one (a.k.a a skirmish) especially on Command and Conquer, then you haven’t really lived as a gamer. Sure enough, while that may be an exaggeration in its own right, still it means something. Facing your enemy in skirmishes (and actually surviving and winning) is significant because it means you’re capable of one to one battles.

Well, imagine if you had to build a website, but you’ve never really tried your hand in knowing what it’s like, then it would be difficult to imagine how you’d survive the industry. If things such as website visitors sound strange to you, then how are you going to nail it? The same principle applies to Command and Conquer – you need to make sure you’ve tried the skirmish.

Table of Contents

Killing in Skirmishes

consoleFirst of all, you need to get yourself acquainted with the controls, especially the ones that are directly involved with production. How will this help? Well, you can think of it this way. Sometimes, enemies will try to defeat you as fast as they can. With that, you can be sure that you won’t scare too easily, primarily because you can already pull up and select as many units as possible.

Second, have a favorite map and make sure that you know by heart where everything is on whatever favorite map you have. As friends in the Real Estate industry like to say: location, location, location. And this applies even to Command and Conquer. Once you know the map, then you can easily navigate through resources, where to hide, where to position your units to give the best attack or the best defense possible.

Remember to manufacture as many vehicles as you can in as many kinds as you can. There’s really little point in wasting your time and resources in stuff that can’t significantly affect your opponent. What you need to do is to send these vehicle units on to your enemy. That way, you keep him/her distracted while you go on to build and magnify your own army.