Improving Your Game in Command and Conquer

Admit it, you know it all too well.

You know the rush and the excitement of delivering the game well in Command and Conquer. There’s the joy of leadership and control, of having several team members under your command. There’s the honor of being responsible for the attainment of certain goals and the pressure of being potentially blameable for certain failures and times when you fall short of the goals. More than what any tech blog about strategy games will tell you, you know from experience that the thrill of victory will also outweigh any tips that these blogs might have for what strategy you need to apply.

Nevertheless, it would be useful for you and for your need to step up your game if you are going to pay attention to some of these tips. True enough, they might not guarantee immediate success. However, as you do apply them, you will slowly but surely discover that you game has indeed improved (especially in the area of leadership, where it really matters).

Tips for Getting Better

gamersThe first step, of course, is to know your surroundings. This is just like when you’re but a newbie to the need to build a website. Before you do decide to make any particular layout, it’s important to know the websites that have already been established. In the same way, when playing Command and Conquer, it’s always best to know the map. Once you’ve learned the map by heart, then there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing other important strategies which you think would match the needs of your map.

The second thing you’ll need to do or to master (if need be) is to know your enemy. As with every other endeavor that involves the element of competition, it would do you well only if you could calibrate your efforts in such a way as to hit your enemy where it will hurt the most. Is your enemy a specialist in stealth? Or maybe the enemy is an expert in the use of toxins? Always remember that no matter how much of a strategist you are, it will not really amount to much if you are not making sure that you’re destroying your enemy. So again, know your enemy, and hit ‘em where it hurts.

Third, given the above knowledge of your enemy’s strength, it would be best to pair this or to complement this with a knowledge of how to establish an (almost) impenetrable defense. How do you do this? Well, it’s basically still related to your knowledge of the enemy’s strength. You see, once you know the strength, it will become pretty easy to work out the weakness. This weakness will then make up a significant part of your own defense, so as to make it more difficult for your enemy to get to you. (Of course, you would want them to get to you for an exciting game. Make sure you win, though.)

In the end, Command and Conquer is more than just a game. It’s a play of wits and a struggle for who can best use their own strengths in order to shed light on another’s weakness, and defeat the other in the process.


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